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What is real Web3 and how to identify it. TL;DR by Sociogram ✌️

Web 2.0 has raised the use of the Internet to new heights, meanwhile discrediting itself with inadequate censorship, intrusive targeting, and marketing surveillance. The resistance of society to these adverse effects has started. The path of decentralization inevitably continues Web 3.0, as a concept of the new Internet era, implies a complete loss of control over information flows by IT giants that now control the market. And therefore, the loss of power of those elite groups that stand behind them. Do you wonder how they will fight back? The solution to #cybercrimes are not two-factor identification or the answer to a “secret” question with your mother’s maiden name. The solution to cybercrime is to move to Web3 😈


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️ Total trading volume of spot ETFs has reached $2,500,000,000,000!


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🥇 Player Liquidity: A Key Theme for 2024 in Blockchain Gaming The infrastructure for Web3 game development is experiencing rapid expansion, according to Delphi Digital’s recently published report titled “The Year Ahead for Gaming 2024.” The collective market capitalization of 183 gaming projects has demonstrated relative stability, fluctuating between $4 billion and $7 billion throughout the year. This range is notably 86% lower than the peak observed in 2022. Despite this, there exists substantial potential for expansion.


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