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Do you think #crypto hype will continue. We are standing at the support level as of now. Gonna be a red or green week?

I received my #sociogram event rewards 3 days ago. As the team is checking the accounts manually, I recommend you to be more patient about the rewards. Thanks @sociogram.eth

To much money to pay by #binance CZ may not accept it and there might be a red waterfall in crypto. We will watch closely!

The system does not show the actual number of my Twitter followers. Can it be the reason why my account was labelled as "bot" in the leaderboard? @sociogram.eth

Post for token holders. Min 0.5 tokens.

Post for token holders. Min 0.1 tokens.

Post for token holders. Min 1 tokens.

Post for token holders. Min 0.000001 tokens.

$TIA will be hot in #crypto bull market! Have you got any Celestia TIA tokens in your #crypto bag? Or, not yet 👀

When I go back to my profile on #sociogram, I see this notification. Is it only me who sees this error? #feedback

To make something clear, should we put at least $0.5 to make our posts visible? What if we add just $0.1 as reward of the post? Will it be equal to the one with 0 rewards?

Limited time to conduct #Arbitrum Odyssey quests. I have followed APEX but still waiting for the deposit's confirmation on #Galxe Have you done your part? Do not forget to do them all

The upcoming token unlocks in #Crypto I have invested in #sui already. Yet, I have not made any purchase for IMX and DYDX. One thing is sure that I'll buy these tokens and be ready for the bull market! What other tokens do you suggest for a bull run bag?

Have you received any $meme coins? it is a hot coin in #crypto today. There is going to be a launchpool on Binance, as well. Have an eye on it 😉

Killing the shorters... #bitcoin is strong against shorts. By 33K, we may see crypto green. Yet, still things are not perfectly fine in this market, either.

Guys are you having a problem in the calculation and submission of tasks on #sociogram? The first time my reply was accepted but not received any points. 5 comments checked but received none. Also, the post is not checked though I shared and added some funds... There might be a little glitch in the system dear @sm3.eth thanks in advance #sociogram ✌️

I still have a bearish perspective for the crypto ecosystem as I believe we are not there yet! The recent price actions are pretty motivating but we may start to come back from $32K $33K in BTC. What do you expect to see in #crypto? Share your insight!

I am not sure if you have realized that there is a token on the screen named SG. Can we expect the native token of #sociogram with the name of SG? Look at the color of USD and the token. Both of them are purple 👀 @sm3.eth Am I making it up or is it happening?

Not many people mentioned this side of #sociogram but I have learned a lot of things thanks to my friends' posts so far. - De.Fi's ranking -Venom Testnet -Lots of Debank posts with thousands of dollars -Crypto insights and further. Make sure you do not miss the "bigger" picture boyz 😉

Today I attended a conference that was majorly about the sense of well-being and growth mindset. I realized that the growth does not have to be on the job you are working. Who knows, maybe your growth will be achieved at the top of a blockchain project. Thus, I care more about my social presence on Web3 and add value to the projects that I am in!