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💰 Engage & Earn on Sociogram💰 Dive into the world of Reward Posts and turn your ❤️ , 💬 , and 📢 into USDTs! How? 💸 Combatting Bots Step: have $50+ of your Total Wallet Balance among #Arbitrum #ETH #BSC & #Polygon. 💸 Engage: find posts that resonate with you and show your appreciation by liking, commenting, and sharing. 💸 Get paid for supporting creators: after the reward post's campaign ends, rewards will be shared directly into your Sociogram balance in proportion to the participants' score. 🤑 Try rn by interacting with this post!

😎 More Profit for REAL users😎 Say goodbye to bots under Reward posts! We've launched an innovative update that will bring more profit for real community. 📍 From now on, only users with Total Wallet Balance over $50 can earn in Reward Posts. We track #Polygon #BSC #ETH & #Arbitrum What's the power behind this update? 🔥 Combatting Bot Activity 🔥 Enhanced Community Engagement 🔥 More profit for true supporters of your content Like, repost, comment & earn with Sociogram!

🌸 Welcome Spring with Sociogram🌸 On the 1st day of spring, we wish to creators a Blooming Community, Fresh Ideas for the content & Vibrant Engagement. Dear users, may this season bring you fruitful rewards for your engagement! Tap 💖 if you waited for it!

Hey, fam! 👋 We've received many proposals & requests from users to consider closing Tokenization. It's important for us to hear your opinion. What do you think about Tokenization?

✅ Yes, let's close it 79.41%
❌ No, I wanna keep it 20.59%
34 votes • Finished

#BTC 🔥crossed the $56K mark, hitting a November 2021 high! How do you feel about the market? #Bitcoin #SocialFi

Bullish 🐂 85.71%
Still bearish 🐻 14.29%
14 votes • Finished