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I received my usd equivalent of the tokenizations. Thank you Sociogram team ✌️


📣 Important Update: Tokenization is Closed📣 Recently launched poll regarding the closing of Tokenization is completed. Majority of users have voted to close it. Your feedback is crucially important, so we would like to inform you about updates & further steps. 📍 Tokenization feature is closed, minting of new Creator tokens unavailable anymore. 📍 Creator Token holders will get a refund on their Sociogram balance. The refund sum is equal to their Sociogram Portfolio size in $ equivalent. 📍 The refund will be distributed within 1 week. This update will have positive impact on implementing more powerful features. Stay tuned to our upcoming enhancements!


Let it close

Hey, fam! 👋 We've received many proposals & requests from users to consider closing Tokenization. It's important for us to hear your opinion. What do you think about Tokenization?

✅ Yes, let's close it 79.41%
❌ No, I wanna keep it 20.59%
34 votes • Finished

🗳 New Release: Polls Feature🗳 Curious about what your followers think? Wondering which option they prefer? 🤔 Thrilled to announce our new Polls Feature! Ask questions and gather feedback effortlessly! 1️⃣ Click the "Poll" button 2️⃣ Enter options and End Date 3️⃣ Launch poll and start gathering insights #SocialFi #Arbitrum



Eternal Question

PlayStation 77.78%
Xbox 22.22%
18 votes • Finished