What is Sociogram? How can I use it?
Sociogram is a social network that focuses on decentralization and security. It is based on the principles of Web3 and freedom of speech, which allows you to own the content. That is the main difference from other traditional social networks. With Sociogram, you can communicate, create, share your own content, and search for users with similar interests.
What is WEB 3?
Web3 is the third generation of Internet services for websites and applications that allows users to own and manage their content, as opposed to traditional websites and applications.
Who is Sociogram for?
Sociogram is a perfect match for the users who want to freely create and share their content, and express any opinions without restrictive algorithms or shadow ban.
Why Sociogram uses blockchain technology?
Sociogram uses blockchain technology to store user content in the ERC1155 token standard. Thanks to this technology users own their content, unlike traditional social networks. All users are able to authorize only via Web3. This authorization method allows users to log in quickly and easily, without disclosing personal information, such as email or personal phone number, which is sensitive to data breach.
What do you think about online privacy?
We are also fed up with ads. We are sure that online privacy is of the greatest importance now. Our aim is to protect your personal data from marketers, advertisers and scammers.
Does Sociogram store any private data?
Sociogram stores only username and public account address.
What about GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018. As Sociogram is based on the principles of freedom of speech and privacy, we stick to the GDPR requirements. We are in compliance with this law and do not use personal data of our users. It means that we do not sell personal data for targeted ads and do not share it with third parties.
Is Sociogram a secure social network?
Sociogram is based on blockchain technology and doesn’t store any personal data. That is why it is a more secure social network, as opposed to traditional ones. At the moment we use Ethereum blockchain, as this network is more decentralized and convenient for most users. We use NFT (ERC 1155) and IPFS technologies to store user content.