19 months

Donald Trump has been found guilty. Meme coins related to him are dropping around 10-20% (Maga, Trump, Tremp, etc...). Nothing seems to prevent him from running for the next elections.


Here's another game for you. Dempire of Vampire. An exclusive for Android and iOS. It looks nice graphically. The game is a bit basic in its system, but when asked to the team, they say that they will improve it and even make a wiki for it. It's still very green though. It has a fairly simple drop if one plays the first stage and connects to their telegram and discord. The more active you are in the game and social networks, the better the drop will be, they also invite to buy anything within the game to receive more. The airdrop will be distributed on June 26 according to the countdown on the official page. https://vameon.com/von-token-by-vameon/


I present you with a logic game, in which you have to guess the indicated word through a process of elimination. I estimate that there will be at least 1 more month to farm this. At least by doing the social tasks something could drop. https://t.me/terminalgame_bot?start=ZVMT65SP


Terminal is an intellectual P2E game where players guess encrypted words $TRMNL coming soon... @timetoterminal


Application for sharing internet to power an AI. Airdrop confirmed similar to Grass. https://uprock.com/register?ref=378ff45c


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