35 months

Foxes! We can't forget about crypto and anime girls 😄 daren.market https://app.daren.market/?ic=NAN9J - a site with tasks. Collect donuts! We do social tasks and visit daily, the design is very nice, also there you can go to amba ogcom.xyz https://app.ogcom.xyz/invite/yeqwKUOQehrqzrdE - daily check, we are also interested in the fact that you can get points for playing in Terminal micro3.io https://app.micro3.io/?ref=0x04A361E025415b208a711cF4A38726F1f8aDC6E8 - daily checks, you can minecraft NFT and do tasks


UGH! Look what art generated from the first time in well3 (https://well3.com/mission) well i am genius! By the way codes: WHR75 RPVPT QWGF7 P2WEX HDWAG in them 5kk$ invested, there are new tasks and it's all getting interesting 😄


Foxes! The market is all red 😭 So what? We'll grow back! 💃 Don't forget that 2024 is a bull market year. Keep doing what you're doing, but don't trade in futures 😉 As we slowly move away from the new year, I remind you that I made a list of activities here (https://t.me/gemdyor/237) and another one (https://t.me/gemdyor/238) that requires almost no monetary investment. I highly recommend taking it up if you're already in the market 😉 And you are not alone! We are in the same market, we all have a red portfolio, so.... don't panic! 🦊