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    Hello sociogramers 🙏 #sociogram #bitcoin

    I received my #sociogram event rewards 3 days ago. As the team is checking the accounts manually, I recommend you to be more patient about the rewards. Thanks @sociogram.eth

    Very funny, really. The project is simply top! Payouts from the Raffle 100k - $0 for 50th place. Payment from the project $1 - cancellation, written off from the balance and nothing was credited. This is the best project, thank you @sociogram.eth @sm3.eth #sociogram

    Someone here is getting salty for being called out for a #Socioscam that they really are. #Sociogram = #Socioscam

    Good morning #Sociogram Team, let's make money @sociogram.eth

    mute button will be kinda ok #sociogram #update #stopterrorism

    Pro tip: Havе multiple accounts. Go to the top 24 hours post with rewards, hit a like on all the resent ones to drain the reward pool. Login with your other accounts and repeat. Also don't forget to put a spam comment so you will drain even more from the reward pool. Enjoy the rewards! #Socioscam #Sociogram

    Thanks #Sociogram We are also waiting for the distribution for the 100k draw 😇

    Good project ❣️ #sociogram

    If it looks like a scam, acts as a scam, smells of scam, it's 100% scam @sociogram.eth #sociogramscam

    So how about that block/mute function ? Never? #Sociogramscam

    This place is shit. Only bots and spam. What do you expect from a scam project! #Sociogramscam

    Hello every one ❣️ Good project ❣️ #sociogram

    Good Project 👏 #sociogram

    Проверьте этот профиль Админы, его подписки (боты по 2-3 подписчика и подписок, только на основной аккаунт и там где розыгрыши) а вы выплачиваете ему 50$ как смешно. Check out this profile Admins, his subscriptions (bots with 2-3 subscribers and subscriptions, only on the main account and where the draws are) and you pay him $50, how funny. @sociogram.eth @sm3.eth #sociogram

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    Do you want a fuck? ENG The person who was given a $50 drop 300+ place namely: 0xf485c1bad90ad2c0c63b8531f27e3c644f83a1c8 HE'S A BOTTOVER, and he himself writes stupid posts with 1 comment, reposts the same way. People just copy and fuck up carbon copies of posts. GO TO HIS SUBSCRIBES. There you can see the NUMBER OF HIS BOTS. Ask why bots? there bots have 2-3 subscriptions. On the basis, on @sm3.eth (the competition is looting and will obviously take away part of the winning tickets (by the way, where 1 token was needed, bots have already stolen a couple of winning places) and you suck ordinary users)) What are we going to do about it? be silent? Well, keep quiet. @sociogram.eth @sm3.eth #sociogram

    Sociogram - Web3 social media

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    Хотите разъеб? Человек которому раздали 50$ дроп 300+ место а именно: 0xf485c1bad90ad2c0c63b8531f27e3c644f83a1c8 ОН БОТОВОД, да и сам пишет тупо посты с 1 комментарием, репосты так же. Чел просто копирует и хуячит посты под копирку. ЗАЙДИТЕ В ЕГО ПОДПИСКИ. Там вы можете увидеть КОЛИЧЕСТВО ЕГО БОТОВ. Спросите почему боты? там у ботов по 2-3 подписки. На основу, на @sm3.eth (конкурс лутает и очевидно заберет часть выигрышных билетов (кстати там где надо было 1 токен уже ботами залутал пару победных мест) а вы сосите обычные пользователи)) Что будем с этим делать? молчать? ну молчите. @sociogram.eth @sm3.eth #sociogram

    Sociogram - Web3 social media

    Join Web3 social media, enjoy privacy, and earn crypto by using the platform.

    Based on who you're paying, it's PEOPLE who spent a lot of money on commissions on the project. They were given a "share" so that they could continue to invest and the project would make money from them. Everything is obvious. We're leaving, we've just been deceived. They made a DRAW for PEOPLE who TRADE COINS, and not for those who will have more points in the table, then why is it even needed if you pay out to the top350 and top4060 places, and ignore the top50? This is ridiculous. @sociogram.eth #Sociogram @sm3.eth

    ফাইনাল ভবিষ্যদ্বাণী🏏 🏏 #SociogramMemes #Sociogram #Memes #Meme #Funny


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    Goodnight everybody, remember to never end the fight until WAGMI ❤️ @sociogram.eth #Sociogram @sm3.eth