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NEAR Protocol has introduced its own wallet on Telegram, offering free HOT tokens to early users. This initiative, reminiscent of TON's approach, aims to tap into the growing interest in cryptocurrency. Here's how to participate: Visit https://t.me/herewalletbot/app?startapp=478358 and create your NEAR wallet. Claim your free HOT tokens every 2 hours. These tokens can be later withdrawn and traded. Spread the word and invite your friends to join in on the opportunity.

CARV is an oracle with autonomous identity (SSI) and data exchange protocol Implementation time: ≈ 10 minutes Financial cost: ≈$0.69 (in BNB) Now we can farm $SOUL points, which are later 100% converted into $ARC token -Go to https://protocol.carv.io/airdrop?invite_code=OF691F connect metamask -Click Play Name Service at the top, change the network to opBNB -On the Quick Onboarding banner that pops up, click "Next" and "Finish" several times. -Next we need to fund the internal wallet of the site with opBNB token. If you don't have opBNB on metamask, you can transfer BNB to opBNB network [here](https://opbnb-bridge.bnbchain.org/deposit). -Mint CarvID -Mint the domain name (the shorter the name, the more expensive it will be, but also more each day will drip #Soul. If you choose a name longer than 13 characters, it will be free. -Now go down the page to "Account Binding" and bind everything there -Every day we go in, choose a network and click "Free CARV".

Got my reward It Aint Much But It's Honest Work 😎

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As we approach the final week of the event I'd like to initiate a conversation regarding the distribution of rewards and present my suggested approach. Currently, we have only three fixed reward positions I propose to expand this to 100. I believe this adjustment would result in a fairer distribution for our users and foster increased community engagement for a wider scale community This tier is achievable for anyone and it would incentivize and reward active community members #proposal