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Developing a basis for investment behaviour and understanding the psyche of how actors in this space have been able to sustain interest in Web3 is oftentimes overlooked by most as it’s not what most people discuss about. The article hence evaluates and categorises investment psyche into 5 main types: the HODLer, the (Stablecoin) Farmer, the Leverage Trader, the “Early” Investor and the Profit Rotator. The HODLer focused on diversifying their wealth into permissionless money and finance risk.

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Web3 & Crypto - Casino Capitalism or a Slice of Freedom? (Part 1) Web3 continues to expand in terms of protocol development, market segment innovation and infrastructure optimisation. However, as price action remains at pivotal points and interest levels evolve, newer participants should have a methodical approach entering. The cryptocurrency market is a well-known 24/7 casino to the outside world, where fortunes are made and lives rekt depending on the juncture of hype one joins.

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