17 months

Is #web3 the future? Or not?


Are you waiting for a new platform updates?


Celestia, the modular blockchain that claims to scale with more users, has struggled to wrangle much of a market share in its first week, with less than 350,000 transactions registered in the four days following its release. Data from Mintscan shows that current transactions per second (TPS) on Celestia is 0.19. This doesn't necessarily translate to a lack of technical function, but it does mean a lack of activity on the blockchain. By comparison, Ethereum is currently recording 29.33 TPS, according to data from L2Beat. Arbitrum, another modular blockchain, has been hitting between 35 and 45 TPS on average over the past week.


I see many updates on the platform #sociogram over the past few days, indicating that developers @sociogram.eth are ensuring users have enough new content. I like that. What do you think about it?


Nice posts filtering update! Like it very much!


L0 is getting closer and closer 🥳 In the Arbitrum node, they added (https://arbiscan.io/address/0x4D73AdB72bC3DD368966edD0f0b2148401A178E2#writeContract) the function to claim the $ZRO token. This implies that a token drop is likely to happen, and the claiming will occur on the Arbitrum network (possibly not only there)? 🙃