36 months

SATX token of SatoshiDEX is now listed in CoinmarketCapπŸš€ πŸš€ The good thing is you can still participate in presale and TGE will be this month!! Participate now : satoshidex.ai/?ref=stdex-Tx2haRZP


I blush whenever @Sociogram and @sm3.eth sends me emoji tipsπŸ˜† 🀭 Anyone else getting the same feeling?


Hey Sociogram Fam! Monday Giveaway to start your dayπŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ Dont forget to participate in SATOSHIDEX PRESALE, TGE this June! Link: satoshidex.ai/?ref=stdex-Tx2haRZP


Cash prize

$1 x 1


Hey Sociogram Fam, have you heard about SatoshiDex? if not, dont worry I will tell you more about it. So, SatoshiDex is the 1st decentralized exchange in Stacks an L2 under Bitcoin blockchain and as I speak, presale of their token SATX is on going and in this early june they're going to launch TGE and token listing which is few days from now. So grab the opportunity and participate now!! Presale Link: satoshidex.ai/?ref=stdex-Tx2haRZP #SATX #SatoshiDEX #Sociogram #DYOR


I'm shocked to find my post among the most popular ones. Sociogram is genuinely a community for regular individuals like me, not just for creators.