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❤️ cosplay fan ❤️

Location: Manga Cafe

Recent benchmark of TON as a fastest network will add a huge possibility to use TON in gaming. I think TON is a good token to hold in bull market

🌐 Animoca to become TON blockchain’s largest validator Animoca Brands will invest in the TON blockchain protocol and become its largest validator as it eyes GameFi development on the platform. Web3 investment firm Animoca Brands is set to become the largest validator on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, and it plans to deliver blockchain-based games to messaging application Telegram’s 800 million users. An announcement shared outlined how the partnership will involve funding, research and an analytics platform for third-party TON ecosystem applications. The value of Animoca’s investment was not disclosed by publication. However, part of the investment is understood to have been made directly into Toncoin, which has been staked as part of the validator agreement.

if i understand right - FCFS is about closed buy session for investors before token have been listed

FCFS Literally: First Come First Serve This algorithm has been widely used in cryptocurrencies at various presales, when investors take an early queue in order to get a chance to win an allocation to a certain asset.

Sad that i do not hear about it on 1st week of this project

Выполняем Linea Voyage. 4 неделя Началась четвертая неделя ивента Linea Voyage, вся кампания будет состоять из 6 недель, которые будут открываться линейно. Отличный ивент, копия (Arbitrum Odysseys) в котором можем захватить потенциальные критерии для дропа от Linea, Metamask • Инвестировано: $726 700 000 • Инвесторы: ConenSys, WalletConnect, Sardine, Coinhouse и другие В рамках четвертой недели придется использовать лендинг протоколов. Легкие задания, кроме предпоследнего, оно по тех. причинам не доступна для всех пользователей. Как будет решат вопрос - добавлю в гайд 🖤 Пользуйтесь - https://t.me/cryptoforto/442

I used Plan B for holding this time. And $BTC halving is key secret in that strategy

#BTCHalving ▪️ As we know, Bitcoin's halving events have historically been significant milestones for the crypto market. The reduction in the rate at which new Bitcoin is created has historically resulted in increased scarcity, potentially impacting its price. We've witnessed how previous halvings triggered both short- and long-term effects on BTC's value and broader crypto market sentiment. Some argue that the halving is already priced in, while others believe it will trigger a renewed bullish trend. Additionally, with institutional adoption and regulatory developments, how might these factors interact with the halving's impact? ▪️ Do you anticipate the upcoming halving to have a similar effect? ▪️ Will it drive Bitcoin's value to new heights, as seen in previous cycles? ▪️ Or could changing market dynamics have altered the impact of this event? #tidder #discussion

thanks a lot ❤️ I hope i win 🏆

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Yea, it is useful blocks

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basic info. I want more details

⬜️ #1 - Gas in Arbitrum ⬜️ L1 Gas: Paid to cover the future batches on L1. It is the majority of the commission and depends on the calldata size of the transaction and the calldata value in L1. At the time of the transaction, you can only estimate its approximate ratio to the size of the future batches. In other words, the L1 component is meant to compensate the Sequencer for the cost of posting transactions on L1 . ⬜️ L2 Gas: Works similarly to commissions in Ethereum Mainnet — it is a transaction execution fee on L2. The L2 component covers the cost of operating the L2 chain; it uses Geth for gas calculation and thus behaves nearly identically to L1 Ethereum. One difference is that unlike on Ethereum, Arbitrum chains enforce a gas price floor, currently 0.1 gwei on Arbitrum One and 0.01 gwei on Nova (See Gas). L2 Gas price adjusts responsively to chain congestion, ala EIP 1559.

I don’t want to make any effort - just live and relax. I have no extra moral strength

In the digital landscape, you have a choice — be traffic, passively navigating, or create traffic, actively shaping the journey. Choose to be the force propelling change, sparking interest, and leading the way. Seize the driver's seat of your digital narrative! 🤝

I don't have someone specific. I'm trying to analyze everything on my own

️ Share opinion leaders, influencers, groups, Youtube-channels, people in the media you trust/interest in an informative and entertaining content format. Write interesting authors and channels in the comments and complete your own list 👉 ️️️️️️ #tidder #share

I don't believe in a wide usage of $xrp in future

🟡 Technology Company DeFi Tech to Launch New XRP ETP Next Month A renowned technology firm has proclaimed its intention to introduce an XRP ETP in the European market starting early next month. DeFi Technologies, a prominent crypto company at the forefront of bridging traditional capital markets with decentralized finance, has disclosed the imminent launch of an XRP exchange-traded product (ETP). DeFi Technologies is launching an XRP ETP through its subsidiary, Valour Inc. Valour is renowned as a leading ETP issuer facilitating simplified access to investment vehicles tracking digital assets.

Also I hear that Binance forced to leave USA market :(

#BinanceCase 🌐 Binance CEO Resignation and Guilty Plea: - Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, plans to step down and plead guilty to violating U.S. anti-money-laundering requirements. - The plea deal aims to allow Binance to continue its operations and involves fines totaling $4.3 billion. - Zhao is scheduled to appear in a Seattle federal court to enter his plea. 🪙 Legal Issues and Investigations: -Binance, under Zhao's ownership, will also plead guilty to a criminal charge. -The deal would bring an end to long-running investigations of Binance, which has faced scrutiny despite its market success. 📍 Overall Context: - The deal aims to settle various legal challenges, allowing Binance to move forward while imposing substantial fines. The exclusion of an SEC settlement and Zhao's residence in the U.A.E. were points of contention in negotiations. How do you think it will affect the cryptocurrency market? What are the main pros and cons of this case? Share your thoughts 👇

I guess full real daps does not exist for reason that even if anyone can contribute new features to project - only it owners and devs can accept them or decline Many daps uses combination of blockchain and vanilla centralized server methods

dApps Literally: Decentralized Applications From the end user's perspective, dApps should not be much different from the usual applications. The main difference is that all data is NOT stored centrally on a server. The lack of centralization allows dApps to be completely independent, autonomous and not under the control of a third party. It is applications like these that form the basis for the mass adoption and rapid development of any blockchain ecosystem.

Finally active users get their rewards

I just got the rewards from the "SocialFi Launch event". 50 USDT credited to my Sociogram balance

I watch anime adaptation of this and it was awesome experience

did you watch Blade Runner 2049? 🏙️ https://youtu.be/wL8DVHuWI7Y


Together with my friend VØJ, I have prepared for you brand new Synthwave/Retrowave style with which we would like to start our musical year. We really...

I hope to win in this one Be participant of giveaways is so funny 😄

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lucky draw only for holders is really better than giving 1000$ for bots So, I guess, in this one I can win

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hehehe, so, besides it is lucky draw - it also e reward post. One post - two rewards^ nice 💹 ❤️

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Thanks to development team that they keep going even after unsuccessful airdrop event

Participate in our Giveaway with these easy steps: 1️⃣ Have a tokenized profile. 2️⃣ Craft a post and hit the lucky draw icon. 3️⃣ Customize it as you like. 4️⃣ Only tokenholders can join. 5️⃣ Choose the amount of tokens for entry. 6️⃣ Winners selected randomly after the timer expires. 7️⃣ Rewards go to your internal balance. Winners get a special note from us! Get ready for some fun surprises! 🎁 🍀

awesome update I farmed all points for today

$100,000 USDT SocialFi Launch Event 🔥 Sociogram presents the first SocialFi token economy based on ERC-20 standard in Arbitrum One. Profile tokenization, referral system, VIP perks for token holders, and more! 🚀 We invite everyone to celebrate and share $100,000 USDT More here 👇 https://sociogram.org/launch