🎧 SANWEAR and Soundscape Avatars: A Sonic Revolution in the NFT World SANWEAR, the brainchild of acclaimed 0N1 Force artist IMCMPLX and Beats by Dre's founding engineer David Leung, stands as a testament to audio innovation. Blending Hyper Reality Audio with interactive blockchain technologies, SANWEAR promises a new dimension in the global audio landscape, delivering unparalleled auditory realism and spatiality, all within a pocket-sized form. The release includes two distinctive NFTs: the Soundscape Avatar NFT, a PFP-style Avatar designed in collaboration with Cromagnus, and the SANWEAR NFT, an on-chain representation of the revolutionary Hyper Reality Audio headphones. The combo will be available December 4 for the Allow List and December 21 for the public.