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Award-winning Testnet - Catalyst 🤑 Catalyst Exchange - DeFi protocol with $4.2M invested and 78k followers on Twitter. Recently launched a testnet, I don't really like testnets, but this is nice, an award-winning one What to do: ▫️ Visit site - https://inevm.caldera.dev ▫️ Click Add to MetaMask and add inEVM network ▫️ Request INJ test tokens in faucet - https://inevm.caldera.dev/faucet ▫️ Visit site - https://app.catalyst.exchange , make 5 swaps in inEVM/Scroll ▫️ Get NFT on Galxe - https://galxe.com/catalyst/campaign/GCZHoUn7Vc ▫️ Complete Missions - https://missions.catalyst.exchange Developers promised rewards for this activity, so if you haven't entered the Injective ambassador's program yet - https://t.me/cryptowebz/6792 , you can make double profit by making testnet and content for the ambassador's program

Injective ecosystem grows fine! And also $INJ token 😍 Join ambassador's programm if you missed! Monthly payments for Knight+ roles Discord - https://discord.gg/eG3bQhAE

🥷 Ninja Masters - Injective ambassador program Injective (https://twitter.com/Injective_) is L1 for finance. Invested $207M from Binance Labs and other serious guys. Let's take a look at paid ambassador program What to do: ▫️ Make level 5 (2-3 hours) in Discord (https://discord.gg/eG3bQhAE) ▫️ Make 3+ transactions in Injective (Kepler) ▫️ Make content (like I'm doing now) ▫️ Apply (https://injective.typeform.com/ninjamasters) for Knight in 30 days. Paid roles - Knight (x1), Lord (x1.5), Master (x2) Role description - https://rain-scorpion-a7b.notion.site/5e04981a2fb8419a88a32cb85a4aa75d Payout - Knight is $200-400$ per month, depends on content and activity. Lord and Master - 1000$+, but also all depends on your involvement. In general, if you brew a tea bag 3 times, it's time to work!

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