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Hi guys, πŸ‘‹ There have been no lotteries for a long time. πŸ™‚ Need to fix this πŸ€‘


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Hi Sociogramers What do you usually eat when watching movies? #food #films

Yummy popcorn 38.89%
Cool chips 33.33%
Delicious sweets 0%
Awesome chocolate 5.56%
I don't eat anything 11.11%
other, version in comment 11.11%
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#health see my profile for Part 1 Part 2 2) We move into the second phase - intense breathing. 12 times of quick and deep inhale and exhale. Still smiling, meowing and be happy πŸ™‚ 3) After 24th deep exhale, holds your breath for 24 heartbeats. Exactly 24 heartbeats, not seconds. You must feel your rhythm, your body, your life. do you remember the position of your hands? this is precisely in order to catch your heartbeat. 4) After the 24th heartbeat, make deep inhale full of joy and love with smile from ear to ear. 5) hold the air in your lungs for 12 heart beats. 6) exhale as much as possible through a light and pleasant laugh, as if you heard the funniest and sweetest joke in the world. 7) At the end you need to breathe in a square at intervals of three to four seconds Hope it will be useful for you. ❀️ 🧑 πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ


#health Part 1 I want to share with you a breath technique I usually do almost every morning after sleep and night before sleep. I'm lazy, so I do this while lying in bed right after I wake up or go to sleep. Initial preparation: a) You need to smile at yourself, lay on your back, relax your body put one hand on tummy another one upon you heart b) Start doing the Mewing - press your tongue on the upper palate and keep smiling. (I know this is quite difficult at the very beginning, but relaxing your facial muscles is necessary) Breathing: 1) At the beginning you need to breathe in a square. I mean calm, even breathing: - inhale 3 sec - hold your breath 3 sec - exhale 3 sec - hold your breath 3 sec and so on 12 times (if it’s hard do 2 sec) When you inhale, look up, when you exhale, look down. We remember your smile and try to remember some joyful event in your life that brought you a lot of positive emotions. Catch them and refeel these emotions.... πŸ˜ƒ see my profile for Part 2


Hi all 🌞 Let me share with you new project on Telegram with support from Binance lab. #BLUM This will be a fully functional CEX exchange inside Telegram where you can trade coins and tokens. Such projects cannot be missed. πŸ˜‰ https://www.blum.io/ my referral code to join the telegram app for grow the airdrop: https://t.me/BlumCryptoBot/app?startapp=ref_HHcYyMNEPR