#BTC-ETF Approval | Will BTC Skyrocket or Go Up slowly? As the approval day for Bitcoin looms closer, I want to know within the cryptocurrency community whether it bitcoin will soar immediately or climb steadily post-approval. 3 more days until deadline. It may happen after WEF meeting, conference or something like that about risk assessment. Maybe it ties into that meeting, but from there BTC will steadily go up post approval. What are you thoughts on how this will play out post approval? How you prepare for this? Share your thoughts in comments! πŸ‘‡ #tidder #discussion


πŸ’° After the recent news about the Ledger vulnerability, the question of choosing where to store your cryptocurrency has become a hot topic. Importance of Hardware Wallets Hardware wallets (aka cold wallets) are devices designed to securely store private keys. With their help, you can access your cryptocurrency. These devices provide a level of security that is much better than software wallets or centralized exchanges, which are more susceptible to hacking and theft. While hardware wallets provide good security, they are only as reliable as the methods YOU use to back up and restore your funds! If you lose your initial phrase backup, you lose access to your wallet! Tell us about your experience with cold wallets in comments And maybe share some of the best lifehacks to keep your funds safe πŸ‘‡


🎁 Blockchain technology in Christmas giving The tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas has long been a symbol of love, compassion and generosity. However, in the digital age, this age-old practice is already undergoing a profound transformation, thanks to the integration of cutting-edge tech like blockchain. Blockchain-powered gift-giving brings many advantages that redefine the traditional process of exchanging gifts, offering a secure, innovative, cost-effective and transparent approach. Smart contracts, a key feature of most blockchains, automate the fulfillment of experiential gifts. For instance, a smart contract could trigger the delivery of artwork, concert tickets or a vacation package once conditions are met. Share your opinion, what blockchain technology gifting options would you use? Have you had any experience with this format of gifting? #tidder #letstalk


🐴 The Great Taking. Is tokenisation of real word assets a Trojan horse? After reading the book called "The Great Taking", I'm beginning to wonder if RWA tokenisation is not some kind of a Trojan horse, whereby a potential scenario can take place; - RWA's become mainstream and people start tokenising all sorts of things. - Big players enter and scoop up RWA tokens during bear market. If we look at what's happening with the real estate markets, this alarming trend is picking up speed - people are being priced out of the market because "big players" are gobbling up homes just to rent them back to you. Could the same happen with RWA's? What more positive scenario can you imagine? #tidder #letstalk


🌐 Bitcoin ETFs are expected to drive institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. The approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs is anticipated to bring a measure of institutional confidence and a significant amount of funding to the cryptocurrency space. The belief is that the approval of several ETFs is not a matter of if, but when. This could potentially lead to a surge in institutional investment in the sector. On the other hand, Bitcoin ETFs are just β€œwatered-down crypto” and a sign the industry is heading in the wrong direction. If crypto adoption happens mostly through ETFs and similar centralized fin. instruments, then the core promises of the technology won’t be realized. Do you believe that Bitcoin ETFs are a game-changer for institutional investors? Can enhancing user experience on crypto platforms significantly increase adoption among casual investors and the general public? Or are there other, more critical factors at play in driving cryptocurrency adoption? #tidder #thoughts