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Dear users, We are pleased to announce SocialFi Launch Event has been finished on Sociogram. At the time of this event, Sociogram SocialFi was running in a kind of beta launch. You have experienced some changes in Feed, UI/UX, and platform performance, we have also monitored how the protocol works on main-net. Based on the results we defined the ways we are going to develop the platform in the near future. We prepared some updates you have never seen before in web3 social media. We take a time up to 1 week to review the result, validate the eligible winners, and define the conditions on how the rewards will be distributed. Thanks everyone for participating! Be ready for the next level of social experience!


πŸš€ Exciting news! Our team of developers has crafted a freshly baked algorithm to take your feed personalisation to the next level. We've just launched content customisation, so you can finally say goodbye to spam and unnecessary info cluttering your feed. 🎯


Hey, Sociogramers! Introducing a game-changing feature that lets you make your content exclusively available to your token holders. πŸ₯° Here's what it means for you: πŸ‘‰ Decide what you share with your entire audience and what's reserved for your loyal token holders. πŸ‘‰ Your content, your earnings πŸ‘‰ Loyal fans can now earn from the sale of your tokens. πŸ‘‰ Your content is a valuable asset! Your work has never been more valuable than with Sociogram. Let's create something amazing together! πŸš€


New Sociogram Upgrades are here! πŸš€ We're thrilled to unveil some exciting new features to enhance your user experience: πŸ‘‰ Profile cover picture: you can set this to personalize yourself. For FREE! πŸ‘‰ Mobile Friendly UI: Enjoy a whole new platform view on your mobile devices. Seamless, responsive, and user-centric! πŸ‘‰ Mobile Sleek Sidebar: The sidebar has undergone a stylish transformation, providing easier navigation and a fresh look.


i'm agree

One possible approach for the Sociogram team could be where a significant portion, in my suggestion, 75%, of the reward pool is allocated to the top 100 users based on their contributions. It also involves the implementation of a tier reward system. I believe that should enhance fairness across different placements, and incentivize user engagement. The specific proportion, tiers, etc. can be flexible and open to adjustment; it's simply a suggested starting point. Let's discuss #proposal