$ARB Still think that one day this will go crazy and likely make a big move out of nowhere. Fact is, some catalyst is likely needed. Maybe EIP-4844 somewhere early 2024 will do the job. Until then I'll patiently hold my bag.


#Bitcoin Gearing up for the $51,000 target? 🎯 πŸš€ #BTC is still progressing in the inside bar range between $42k - $44k. No direction until this range is broken. Yet the momentum is to the upside. All the Ichimoku lines are pointing up. In addition Bitcoin is forming a bull flag that could be playing out in the immediate short term. If it were to play out, the target would be $51,000. 🀝


#Bitcoin daily chart is showing a Bull Pennant. The measuring target is $52k.


#Altcoins about to surge harder! πŸ’₯ #BTC dominance might top soon as it's reaching now a triple resistance made of: β—½ ️A multiple year trendline. β—½ ️A monthly Kumo Cloud. β—½ ️Kijin πŸ”΅ projection to the right. ➑️ #Altseason is on its way. πŸš€


#Bitcoin at $65,000 in the coming months? As expected #BTC third attempt to breakout the purple line of the Power Law Corridor was indeed the successful one. Bitcoin could teleport to the blue line which lies currently at $65,000. This line might even get higher meanwhile. πŸš€