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May not be a good idea to short it today, remember the SEC STILL has next 2 days to (potentially) approve 6-7 BTC ETFs. That possibility still has NOT changed. Also, today, everything is doing a reversal of the RISK-OFF we saw on Friday, so today we are seeing USD and Gold, oil all pulling back a little bit, US 10 yields up again. All of this means Wall St is relaxing a little bit again, thinking this Israel Hamas conflict won't be a big deal..... I would bet Wall St is wrong and this get worse

All the more interesting is that FTX sought regulatory attention on Binance when it was in the midst of one of the greatest financial crimes in US history. ''Full story📰 :

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That beeing sayed more direct news is the CORE CPI just came out the same as expected, and CPI slightly higher then expected.USD jumped up a bit on news of higher CPI. now CORE CPI is without food and fuel, so with the perol price rising last month, it's the Headline CPI that is higher now . So10 Year yields up too and NASDAQ futures down . Lets see if this knee jerk reaction holds up or not. I think rising oil prices are mostly responsible for both of these higher numbers

I typically steer clear from controversial topics here, but the current climate forces me to share these insights. The market, especially with QQQ rallying and USD falling, seems to be in a bubble of optimism, assuming peace is the most probable outcome. I'm not as hopeful. With Putin's impending meeting with Xi and the ongoing Middle East turmoil, the complacency of Wall Street is alarming. Markets might be in for a shock, which currently seems off the radar for most investors.