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    🐴 The Great Taking. Is tokenisation of real word assets a Trojan horse? After reading the book called "The Great Taking", I'm beginning to wonder if RWA tokenisation is not some kind of a Trojan horse, whereby a potential scenario can take place; - RWA's become mainstream and people start tokenising all sorts of things. - Big players enter and scoop up RWA tokens during bear market. If we look at what's happening with the real estate markets, this alarming trend is picking up speed - people are being priced out of the market because "big players" are gobbling up homes just to rent them back to you. Could the same happen with RWA's? What more positive scenario can you imagine? #tidder #letstalk

    🌐 Bitcoin ETFs are expected to drive institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies. The approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs is anticipated to bring a measure of institutional confidence and a significant amount of funding to the cryptocurrency space. The belief is that the approval of several ETFs is not a matter of if, but when. This could potentially lead to a surge in institutional investment in the sector. On the other hand, Bitcoin ETFs are just “watered-down crypto” and a sign the industry is heading in the wrong direction. If crypto adoption happens mostly through ETFs and similar centralized fin. instruments, then the core promises of the technology won’t be realized. Do you believe that Bitcoin ETFs are a game-changer for institutional investors? Can enhancing user experience on crypto platforms significantly increase adoption among casual investors and the general public? Or are there other, more critical factors at play in driving cryptocurrency adoption? #tidder #thoughts

    ‍The Future of Crypto-Native Marketing There is no doubt digital marketing is integral to Web2 or as we know it the modern traditional internet. Exploring the potential of onchain advertising presents many challenges and opportunities. Based on the track record of Web2 advertisers, the threshold of “better” is low for Web3. But, only through diligent development of customizable privacy frameworks and data sovereignty tools can Web3 transform the digital marketing landscape. Empowering individuals to protect, control and monetize their data is a central tenet of the Web3. With greater control over their own data, Web3 users are able to move beyond simply protecting personal information to actually start benefiting from it; the monetization of individual data becomes easy and attractive. Can web3 or the decentralized internet have a part to play in redefining the scope and potential of advertising? In what way? Share your thoughts in comments! #tidder #thoughts

    #BTCHalving ▪️ As we know, Bitcoin's halving events have historically been significant milestones for the crypto market. The reduction in the rate at which new Bitcoin is created has historically resulted in increased scarcity, potentially impacting its price. We've witnessed how previous halvings triggered both short- and long-term effects on BTC's value and broader crypto market sentiment. Some argue that the halving is already priced in, while others believe it will trigger a renewed bullish trend. Additionally, with institutional adoption and regulatory developments, how might these factors interact with the halving's impact? ▪️ Do you anticipate the upcoming halving to have a similar effect? ▪️ Will it drive Bitcoin's value to new heights, as seen in previous cycles? ▪️ Or could changing market dynamics have altered the impact of this event? #tidder #discussion

    ️ Share opinion leaders, influencers, groups, Youtube-channels, people in the media you trust/interest in an informative and entertaining content format. Write interesting authors and channels in the comments and complete your own list 👉 ️️️️️️ #tidder #share

    What have been some of the most unexpected areas of life for you personally that have been uiwed by the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain? What professional industries could be improved by blockchain in the short or long term? Share your opinion in the comments! #tidder #letstalk

    What do you think about the existing Canadian Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs? There's been some strong price action for both Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last few weeks, following some news about it being likely that Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs will be approved. For a long time, people have viewed the advent of ETFs as the next big bull milestone. In Canada, there already is a Bitcoin ETF and an Ethereum ETF that have $1.1B under management and $200M under management, respectively. Both have been around since early 2021 and hold the true underlying coins in cold storage. I wonder what this will mean for how US ETFs for Bitcoin or Ethereum will be received. Granted, Blackrock is a more respected institution than Purpose Investments and may have lower fees, but I don't know if it really matters. Wondering if this is a "buy the rumor, sell the news" kind of bearish outlook. #tidder #ETF

    What Does Crypto And Blockchain Mean To You Personally? I'm not talking about the technology, blockchain, philosophy and all those textbook answers. I'm talking about personally - financially, sure, but also emotionally, mentally, socially - what it means to you. How does it matter to you? As example: "It's having at least another option and a choice. Something I have actual control and ownership over, without strings attached. Which is rare in this world. Ownership is absolute. Whoever owns the key, owns the coins." "I like to go against the grain. I love telling people I have exited traditional finance and balls deep into crypto. They look at me like I'm crazy, I will have the last laugh" Share your thoughts in comments! #tidder #letstalk

    Could a DAO run a country? Imagine a bunch of investors chip in to fund a DAO treasury. With that money, they buy a big chunk of land from some country and build a city on it. They rent out all the buildings, with the income going into the DAO's treasury. - In a democracy, citizens vote and each has one vote. - In a DAO, token holders vote, like shareholders in a corporation can vote to change the CEO. - Requiring all token holders to vote on every budget allocation would be too slow. - So it makes sense for department heads to have DAO wallets that automatically get regular budgets. - The DAO has a Managing Director who can freeze any department head's spending rights if fraud is detected. - The Director has their own budget for salaries and analyst helpers. - The Director has priority proposing motions requiring full token holder votes. - Like replacing a department head with a new candidate. Lets discuss in comments! #tidder #discussion

    Calm before the storm.. Combination of explosive runs and side ways action but we're in a steady uptrend. Every indicator is signalling that the market is revving up for a historic bullrun. We are about 6 months removed from the halving and BTC is just 40% removed from it ATH, looking strong to reach $50k before the end of this year. Japan also just announced a new stimulus package. With the wars going on it feels like everyone is holding their breaths. What you think? #tidder #discussion

    What's the best way to gift crypto to someone who has never used it? I'd like to gift crypto to help expose some friends to it. They are not "techies" so I don't want them to have to go through any complicated wallet setup in the beginning. I've also considered sending a gift directly from Coinbase. What about just a paper wallet that they can easily scan into a mobile wallet app? I'm just looking for ideas to keep it simple. Lets discuss in comments! #tidder #discussion