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    #Bitcoin Gearing up for the $51,000 target? 🎯 πŸš€ #BTC is still progressing in the inside bar range between $42k - $44k. No direction until this range is broken. Yet the momentum is to the upside. All the Ichimoku lines are pointing up. In addition Bitcoin is forming a bull flag that could be playing out in the immediate short term. If it were to play out, the target would be $51,000. 🀝

    #Bitcoin at $65,000 in the coming months? As expected #BTC third attempt to breakout the purple line of the Power Law Corridor was indeed the successful one. Bitcoin could teleport to the blue line which lies currently at $65,000. This line might even get higher meanwhile. πŸš€

    #Bitcoin Quick reminder: $48,700 is programmed.πŸš€ The bullish Cypher Pattern I shared with you months ago played out. 🎯 Target 1 -> $36,000 βœ… 🎯 Target 2 -> $48,700 βŒ›οΈ 🎯 Target 3 -> $69,200 βŒ›οΈ A correction might occur after 2nd target gets hit which is healthy overall.

    #Bitcoin daily chart is showing a Bull Pennant. The measuring target is $52k.

    Fibonacci extension 4 is the next cycle top. Next cycle top of #Bitcoin could reach $700k. Read the chart, see the correlation between previous cycle top and top of ascending triangle.

    It's very likely we are on the eve of a #Bitcoin spot ETF. The first commodity ETF was SPDR Gold Trust. It provided a simple way for investors to access gold in their portfolio. When it launched gold went on to an 8 year rally with no single down year between 2005 - 2012.

    #Bitcoin $51,000 seems inevitable. πŸ“ˆ My 4 targets have been hit. βœ… Monitor the monthly candle close as if it closes above Kijun πŸ”΅ at around $42k, #BTC might never come back below it and the 5th target at $51k will get hit. On the other hand if the price goes beyond the kijun but finally closes below it in the monthly timeframe, then a second chance to buy between $30k and $40k is possible.

    Hello sociogramers πŸ™ #sociogram #bitcoin

    🏦 🏦 #Fidelity Investments has taken a significant step in the #cryptocurrency market by listing its spot #Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (#ETF) on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (#DTCC) marked under the ticker #FBTC.

    ⛏️ ⛏️ #OceanMining, a new decentralized mining pool, confirmed that it would censor #OrdinalInscriptions. Ocean's co-founder and #Bitcoin Core maintainer, Luke DashJr, thinks inscriptions are exploiting a vulnerability in #BitcoinCore to spam the blockchain.

    #Bitcoin $46,500 next? πŸ“ˆ πŸš€ In the lower timeframe (15min) #BTC seems to be replicating the same exact pattern for 3 consecutive days. πŸ‘‡ 1⃣ Run up. 2⃣ Consolidation faking a potential H&S pattern. 3⃣ The Kumo cloud supports the price while Stochastic RSI crosses bullish. 4⃣ More consolidation followed by a run up. If this pattern were to repeat again today, $46.5k would be the target 🎯 .

    #Bitcoin VAH from the Fixed Price Volume Profile.βœ… 🎯 I shared with you my #BTC blueprint 6 months ago. What's next ? 2 potential scenarios: 1⃣ (2016) VAH's breakout, retest and run up. πŸš€ 2⃣ (2019) VAH resists the price and correction. πŸ“‰ What do you think is more likely?

    On 3-day #Bitcoin chart, Bullish Crossover of 50 sma to 250 sma is happening. This could drive $BTC to an extremely high level.πŸš€

    #Bitcoin $48K is the most anticipated and watched level currently. We know what usually happens. Either: 1. We front run it. Don't make people hit their take profits or entries if they are looking to short. 2. We demolish the level, taking out a lot of liquidity above and creating fomo for the people that sold at the level. Often price dives back below it if enough liquidity above is taken. This scenario tends to extend much further than people initially anticipate though. Anyone's guess what happens where. I'd say just be on the look out for signs of overheating at some point and you can make an estimate of where this may start cooling down.

    #Bitcoin New inside bar range $40,000 - $42,000. After hitting my $40.1k target #BTC is now progressing in an inside bar. The game is simple, there's no direction short term until the range breaks. 🀝 β—½ ️Tenkan πŸ”΄ and Kijun πŸ”΅ are flattening which indicate a pause in the current uptrend. β—½ ️Note that there's a RSI bearish divergence which by the way does not always indicate a change of direction but instead just a pause in momentum. β—½ ️A breakout to the upside seems likely though as the momentum is bullish in the higher timeframe.

    🚨 🚨 #Bitcoin above 42K πŸ₯³ πŸ“ˆ Bitcoin is back above the bull market support band! We've seen a healthy correction and retest of the band, but the macro trend is still up. The bull market is in! Remember in a bull market don't try to figure out when it is over bought. Same thing as in Bear market don't try to figure out when it is over sold! The market will humble you at the end of the day!

    #Bitcoin 1st Macro destination is $50,200.πŸš€ Extremely Low Volatility led to an impulsive move as expected. Watch the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level at $50.2k. Around this level a healthy correction might occur for #BTC before it resumes its uptrend.

    #Bitcoin passed $42,000 !πŸ’₯ 🀝 As expected, 🎯 Target 2 and 🎯 target 3 got hit. #BTC might reach the 🎯 Target 4 at around $43.2. Manage your risk properly. Taking profit is never a bad idea when your targets are hit.

    #Bitcoin Was done with the range and so was I. We've had some deviations along the way but overall this range was respected rather well and caused for a nice continuation.

    #Bitcoin MACD Bullish Crossover. This happened the same in 2020. Very similar bottom, consolidation and price action.