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    #Altcoins about to surge harder! πŸ’₯ #BTC dominance might top soon as it's reaching now a triple resistance made of: β—½ ️A multiple year trendline. β—½ ️A monthly Kumo Cloud. β—½ ️Kijin πŸ”΅ projection to the right. ➑️ #Altseason is on its way. πŸš€

    #Bitcoin at $65,000 in the coming months? As expected #BTC third attempt to breakout the purple line of the Power Law Corridor was indeed the successful one. Bitcoin could teleport to the blue line which lies currently at $65,000. This line might even get higher meanwhile. πŸš€

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    #Bitcoin $51,000 seems inevitable. πŸ“ˆ My 4 targets have been hit. βœ… Monitor the monthly candle close as if it closes above Kijun πŸ”΅ at around $42k, #BTC might never come back below it and the 5th target at $51k will get hit. On the other hand if the price goes beyond the kijun but finally closes below it in the monthly timeframe, then a second chance to buy between $30k and $40k is possible.

    #Bitcoin $46,500 next? πŸ“ˆ πŸš€ In the lower timeframe (15min) #BTC seems to be replicating the same exact pattern for 3 consecutive days. πŸ‘‡ 1⃣ Run up. 2⃣ Consolidation faking a potential H&S pattern. 3⃣ The Kumo cloud supports the price while Stochastic RSI crosses bullish. 4⃣ More consolidation followed by a run up. If this pattern were to repeat again today, $46.5k would be the target 🎯 .

    #Bitcoin VAH from the Fixed Price Volume Profile.βœ… 🎯 I shared with you my #BTC blueprint 6 months ago. What's next ? 2 potential scenarios: 1⃣ (2016) VAH's breakout, retest and run up. πŸš€ 2⃣ (2019) VAH resists the price and correction. πŸ“‰ What do you think is more likely?

    I disagree with everyone that says 40k is area where big BTC correction starts. #BTC Breakout above 38.5k is a game changer and explained many times Expecting first big 20-30% correction in region of 47-48k. Will I be able to predict the last three years correctly with only two mistakes?

    #Bitcoin New inside bar range $40,000 - $42,000. After hitting my $40.1k target #BTC is now progressing in an inside bar. The game is simple, there's no direction short term until the range breaks. 🀝 β—½ ️Tenkan πŸ”΄ and Kijun πŸ”΅ are flattening which indicate a pause in the current uptrend. β—½ ️Note that there's a RSI bearish divergence which by the way does not always indicate a change of direction but instead just a pause in momentum. β—½ ️A breakout to the upside seems likely though as the momentum is bullish in the higher timeframe.

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    #Bitcoin 1st Macro destination is $50,200.πŸš€ Extremely Low Volatility led to an impulsive move as expected. Watch the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level at $50.2k. Around this level a healthy correction might occur for #BTC before it resumes its uptrend.

    #Bitcoin passed $42,000 !πŸ’₯ 🀝 As expected, 🎯 Target 2 and 🎯 target 3 got hit. #BTC might reach the 🎯 Target 4 at around $43.2. Manage your risk properly. Taking profit is never a bad idea when your targets are hit.

    Only 33 days left until the next window for a #BTC ETF approval. Reminder that BlackRock has a 99.8% success rate on their ETF applications. 2024 will be interesting. Buckle up.

    #Bitcoin Bullish Monthly close in the Kumo Cloud. πŸš€ The bull flag I told you about 3 months ago played out perfectly. 🀝 #BTC managed to close November's candle in the cloud. In addition the kumo cloud just crossed bullish. Target 2 & Target 3 close to get hit soon.🎯

    #Bitcoin Bull Run has started. ♉️ πŸš€ The best period to accumulate #BTC at good price this cycle has just ended.βŒ›οΈ The bull run has started imo and soon you'll see those who think otherwise FOMOing, fueling the Bitcoin price to the πŸŒ• .

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    #Bitcoin No turning back. πŸ“ˆ The 3 steps happened as expected. 1⃣ Breakout of the trend line. βœ”οΈ 2⃣ Breakout of the 20 MA. βœ”οΈ 3⃣ Breakout of the Market structure. βœ”οΈ Sorry for those who are still waiting for $12k, the reversal occurred. No turning back for #BTC this cycle.

    #BTC is still within the range. The $37.8k level is resisting the price at the moment. Just a matter of time before it breaks it imo. Momentum is up and right below Tenkan πŸ”΄ at $37k and Kijun πŸ”΅ at $36.4k are in support. It's not a guessing game. Watch how the price acts at these levels and after confirmations, act accordingly.🀝

    #Bitcoin Macro Bullish Momentum πŸ‚ πŸš€ When in doubt, ZOOM OUT. #BTC

    #Bitcoin $39,300 first and then $43,200.🎯 Lagging span 🟠 is breaking out from the Kumo cloud on the weekly timeframe. $39.3k and the $43.2k levels are acting now like magnets on #BTC 🧲

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