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    🟧 #2 Arbitrum vs. Optimism From the community side, Arbitrum does not have a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system. Offchain Labs fully govern it. In contrast, Optimism has a DAO governance system called Optimism Collective. The holders of the Optimism native token (OP) have the right to participate in decision-making to determine the development of the protocol.

    🟪 #2 Advantages of Arbitrum Fast Transaction Processing and Low Fees With the Arbitrum Nitro upgrade (the old Arbitrum One called Arbitrum Classic), the optimistic rollup technology on this platform has advantages in transaction processing speed, lower fees, ease of operation, and more compatibility with EVM. As mentioned earlier, Arbitrum Nitro can process transactions 7-10 times faster than its predecessor (Arbitrum Classic).

    🟦 #2 What is Arbitrum? Arbitrum is developed by Offchain Labs, a US-based company focused on building scalability solutions on the Ethereum network. Offchain Labs was founded by Ed Felten, a professor of computer science at Princeton University and former deputy CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at the White House during President Obama’s administration. Along with his two partners, Steven Goldfeder, and Harry Kalodner, they published research results on Arbitrum technology in 2018.